«I am a French citizen and I have been living and practicing law in Spain for over 15 years. Thanks to my bicultural experience and my knowledge of the French and Spanish legal systems, I can act as a privileged interlocutor within varied international transactions.

In order to provide your cross-border and international business issues with full and appropriate legal solutions, I work in collaboration with multilingual professionals and within an extensive lawyer’s international network»

Héloïse Lopez


International mobility

Due to the increasing globalization of the economy, companies have been forced for years to develop their activities internationally, employing workers in other countries. As a result, the career of many people has acknowledged labour international mobility procedures.

We offer advice to companies and individuals wishing to set up in France and / or Spain, helping them to control the legal dimension of their international experience and anticipating the conditions of a possible return to their country of origin.

Setting up in Spain


We believe that expatriation must not be improvised. In fact, before departure it is necessary to prepare the project with all the necessary information and documentation. Our mission is to support and advise companies and individuals in their implantation in Spain. To this end, we provide our services directly or through a network of professionals well established in Spain helping us to offer a wild range of legal services tailored to the needs of each client.

Setting up in France


We accompany and advise companies and individuals in their implantation in France.