• Golden visa: this is a visa for non-EU investors that allows them to obtain a residence permit in Spain for 1 year (with the possibility of renewal) without having to live in the country permanently. This visa allows not only to stay but also to work in Spain. Certain requirements must be met, such as investing at least €500,000 in the purchase of one or more properties, owning shares or bank deposits in Spain worth at least €1 million, etc.
    Entrepreneur visa: this visa may be granted to those who plan to carry out an innovative entrepreneurial and/or commercial activity of particular economic interest to Spain.
  • ICT-EU: this is a residence permit for non-EU citizens who are transferred to a foreign company or group of companies with offices in Spain. The purpose of this visa is to allow the holder to follow a training course, lead a team or carry out a specific mission in Spain. This permit offers the possibility of living and working legally in Spain for 1 year (renewable). Workers holding this residence permit can also work and live in one or more EU countries.
  • Intragroup transfer: it allows non-EU workers to work in Spain under a work contract or professional relationship. Unlike the ICT-EU, this type of visa does not allow you to work in another European country.
  • Highly qualified professional: companies wishing to hire a highly qualified professional in Spain may apply for a visa for this employee. The company in question must meet certain criteria: a large company or group of companies, an SME in a strategic sector in Spain, or a company developing a business project of general interest (unless the person to be hired is a university or business school graduate).
  • Non-legal visa: this residence permit must be applied for in the country of origin and allows residence in Spain for at least 1 year (with the possibility of renewal) without carrying out any professional activity in Spain. However, it is necessary to be able to prove a minimum level of income. It is intended for those who wish to retire in Spain, those who wish to work remotely from Spain or those who wish to stay in Spain for 1 year without working.
  • NIE (non EU): allocation of a personal, unique and exclusive number to foreigners who, for reasons of economic, professional or social interest, have a relationship with Spain.
  • Work permit: it is possible to obtain a work permit in Spain for those who have previously obtained a job offer in Spain or for those who wish to start their own business in Spain.
  • Long-term residence: people who have been resident in Spain for 5 years may apply for a permanent residence permit provided they meet all the required criteria.