We help our clients to implement and develop their legal and commercial strategies and we defend their interests in accordance with the applicable regulations. In particular, we advise our clients in commercial law, tax law, employment law, litigation and civil law.


Commercial law

Legal Secretariat; Corporate governance and criminal prevention; Fusions and acquisitions; creation and incorporation of start-ups and entrepreneurships; Family businesses and succession; Financing.

Legal compliance

Advice on regulatory compliance; implementation of programs preventing the commitment of corporate crimes, adaptation of international models into Spanish law firms.

Intellectual property

Media & Technology; Copyright; art; piracy; unfair competition; trademarks and domain names; Personal data protection; consumer rights; Internet; Software.


Appearance before the French and Spanish courts on behalf of the debtor or creditors; national and cross-border insolvency proceedings (pre-competition agreement and settlement); agreements with creditors; advice on the liability of directors; assistance for the purchase of production units or businesses.


Civil and commercial litigation

We assist and defend our clients in case of conflicts related to commercial and civil legal issues; products civil liability and industrial risks; banking and financial conflicts; property disputes; disputes concerning intellectual / media / new technologies property.

Administrative litigation

Defence and representation of clients before administrative and contentious-administrative authorities.

Criminal litigation

Advising in case of infringements or crimes related to business law; responsibility of companies and their directors; Labour criminal law.

Labour litigation

Defence and representation of our clients before the labour authorities and courts; support regarding dismissal proceedings; advice in case of disciplinary actions.


General taxation

Preparation of tax declarations and tax returns; transfer pricing support; advice in VAT issues; Real estate taxation; succession planning.

International taxation

Analysis of tax residence; advice on international tax treaties and elimination of double taxation; transfer of assets; repatriation of capital.

Administrative and judicial remedies

We represent and defend our clients before the tax authorities (tax inspection, sanctions); preparation and filing of economic and administrative claims.

Money laundering prevention

Legal advice and defence of companies and individuals with regards to money laundering issues.


Individual relationships

We assist and advice our clients throughout the whole labour contracting procedure, as from the beginning of the employment relationship up to its termination. Advice on regulatory compliance (legal compliance).

Collective relationships

We offer support in any proceedings relating to workers’ representative labour institutions, labour unions, agreements and savings plans, plans of health and safety at work, disability and temporal incapacity.

International relationships

We assist entrepreneurs in the international development of their business from a legal labour standpoint (international mobility).

Social protection and security

We provide advice on social security contributions, benefits, aid to national and international companies.

New technologies

Internet - E- commerce

We provide advice in e-commerce; online payments; governing Internet regulations; General conditions; server hosting contracts etc.

Data protection

We support our clients in the drafting and analysis of personal data protection policies; data processing contracts. We also conduct audits and we help our clients with personal data registration procedures, processing and transfer of personal data.

Advertising - Medias

Collaboration contracts; advertising sale and purchase agreements; right of communication.

Civil law

Civil contracts

Drafting and negotiating all types of agreements between individuals.

Family law

Preparation and assistance of our clients in any divorce, separation and filiation proceedings.

Property law

We provide full legal advice on real estate and building planning issues; we help our clients in drafting and negotiating all types of contracts related to the development, construction and acquisition of real estate, as well as to the financing of the relevant business transactions.